With bicycling as my main form of transportion, I've turned-over thousands of miles as a bicycle commuter and recreational rider. There are a lot of fun and interesting places to see around Philadelphia, and they're all accessible by bicycle.


I've mapped out most of my favorite bicycle-friendly routes in Google Earth to see exactly where I've traveled in relation to relevant points of interest and future destinations. Clicking the image below will allow you to view these paths in Google Earth... or use the links below to download individual rides.

Bicycle Rides Around Philadelphia



I purchase my bicycles exclusively from the Bicycle Stable, a fantastic bicycle shop that is conveniently located next to my house. I currently ride with the following bicycles and accessories:

my bicycles


What's Next?

I'm considering a few bicycle projects, but haven't committed to anything just yet. One idea I'm toying with is to build my own bicycle frame. This idea was inspired by a little fish. I'm also considering a crazy bicycle that you would lay on your stomach to operate. Lastly, my friend Brad and I are also toying with the idea of building a hydrogen-powered motorcycle, but a project like that will require its own section on this site if it ever comes to fruition.